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Stromberg Carburetor partsThe Carburetor Doctor has kits carburetor rebuild kits for most Stromberg carburetors built after 1934, as well as hard-to-find parts like floats for Stromberg WW and AA 2 barrel carbs.

Alfred Stromberg founded the Stromberg Motor Devices Co and produced carburetors starting after 1905. The company was bought by Bendix Aviation Company in 1929; Bendix-Stromberg carbs were produced in South Bend, Indiana form 1930 onwards. Studebaker cars were also made in South bend and many used Stromberg carbs. Zenith was also owned by Bendix, so Stromberg carbs were variously referred to as Stromberg, Bendix-Stromberg and Zenith-Stromberg. However, British Stromberg and Zenith-Stromberg are unrelated to the American carburetors.

The first one barrel downdraft carburetors by Stromberg were the AX, BX and EX series starting in 1932. BX carburetors were used on Chevrolet and Chrysler products until the 1950s and were used in Australia and elsewhere into the 1970s.

The Stromberg 4A was the second American four barrel carburetor, after the Carter WCFB. Buick cars were equipped with this carb from 1952 to 1954, but the Carter WCFB was more common.

The WW series of 2 barrel carburetor debuted in the mid-1950s and remained in production in Australia and elsewhere into the 1980s, but due to evaporative emission controls was discontinued in the US by 1974.

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