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Quality carburetor rebuild kits, choke pull offs, choke coils and floats for American carburetors.

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Fargo Carburetor Parts

Covers 1937-1954 Fargo Trucks - see also Dodge Trucks. Fargo trucks were Dodge trucks built for export, or Dodge trucks built and sold in Canada until the late 1960's.

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Fargo Truck
Year Model Carb Number Carb Kit Service Manual
1937 Truck CTH1 CK521  
1937 Truck ETJ1 CK521  
1937-38 Truck CTH2 CK521  
1937-38 Truck, Crankcase Ventilator CTJ1 CK521  
1937-38 Truck ETJ2 CK521  
1937-38 Truck, Crankcase Ventilator ETL1 CK521  
1939 Truck DTA1 CK442 CM2
1939 Truck ETN1 CK521  
1939-40 Truck ETN2 CK521  
1939-41 Truck ETP2 CK521  
1939-42 Truck DTA2 CK521  
1940-47 Truck ETR1R CK521  
1940-41 Truck, Cab-Over-Engine 6C1  
1940-41 Truck. Cab-Over-Engine 6C2  
1940-41 Truck, Cab-Over-Engine 6D1 CK535  
1940-41 Truck, Cab-Over-Engine 6D1R  
1940-47 Truck ETR1 CK442 CM2
1940-48 Truck, Cab-Over-Engine 6E1 CK535  
1940-47 Truck, "FJ- I ", "FJ-2" DTB1 CK442 CM2
1941-47 Truck, Small Economy Manifold B6S1 CK442 CM2
1941-42 Truck, Cab-Over-Engine 6F1 CK535  
1941-42 Truck, Cab-Over-Engine 6G1 CK535  
1941-42 Truck. "FJ-I", "FJ-2" DTB1R CK442 CM2
1942-47 Truck, "FK-I", "FK-2" DTB2R CK442 CM2
1942-49 Truck (Canadian Only) DTC1 CK442 CM2
1942-49 Truck ETT1 CK442 CM2
1942-47 Truck: "FK-2" DTB3 CK442 CM2
1942-47 Truck, "PK-2" DTB3R CK442 CM2
1946-47 Truck (With Governor) ET1
1946-47 Truck (With Governor) ET2
1946-47 Truck (With Governor) ET4
1946-47 Truck (With Governor) EYB1
1946-47 Truck (With Governor) EYB4
1946-47 Truck (With Governor) EYC1
1946-47 Truck (With Governor) EYC3
1948-49 Truck (With Governor) E7B1 CK503  
1947-49 Truck (With Governor) E7C1 CK503  
1947-49 Truck (With Governor) E7F1 CK503  
1948-49 "FM-1" Truck (Canadian Only) DTD1 CK442  
1949-50 Truck, "FN-I" (Canadian Only) DTF1 CK442  
1949-54 Truck, "FN-I", 11949-50: "F0- I ", 1951-52:
"FP-I", 1953; PC-1-B, D, 1954 (Canadian
DTF2 CK442 CM2
11949-50 Truck, "FN-I" (Canadian Only) DTH1 CK442 CM2
11949-54 Truck, "FN-1", 11949-50; "F0-1", 1951-52:
"FP-1", 1953; FC-I-B, D, 1954 (Canadian
1950-53 Truck, Model "FN-2", 1950; "F0-2", 1951-52;
"FP-2", 1953 (Fluid Dr.) (Canadian)
E7R1 CK442 CM2
1950-52 1, 11/2, 2, 21/2, 3 Ton and -I. D. Trucks E7T1 CK442 CM2
  "FC- / -G, H, J", 1954 E7T2 CK442 CM2
1953 Truck, "FP-7" 31/2 Ton—H. D. E9K1 CK442 CM2
1954 Truck, FC- I -K (Two Carbs. per Eng.) E9Y1 CK442 CM2