CK410 Carburetor Master Repair Kit for Holley 2140-4000 Teapot 'Concentric' Carburetors


CK410 Carburetor Kit
Made in USA. Ethanol compatible.
Holley 2140/4000 'teapot' carburetor repair kit includes: Ethanol-resistant Viton accelerator pump cup Both styles of needle/seat that were used interchangeably in production Correct felt material for float bowl seal Secondary diaphragm Idle mixture screws and springs Power valve actuator Spark delay valve Acclerator pump discharge needle Float spring Correct seals and gaskets
The jobber-grade kits available elsewhere have serious problems that make a successful rebuild very difficult. Cheaper kits have a rubber seal, instead of the OEM felt, making assembly of the float bowl onto the choke housing nearly impossible. Also, the o-rings and retainer rings are mostly the wrong size. As well, the pressed in inlet seat isn't included and the gaskets are cut incorrectly. These issues have all been addressed in our kit, along with the addition of parts not found in other kits, including the float bumper spring, which is often rusted out, as well as both sizes of pump cup found in early and late production carbs.
Includes printed instructions.
CK410 Carburetor Kit
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