Marvel-Schebler DLTX, TRX Numerical List

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Number Kit Kit with Throttle Shaft Float Power Jet Manual
DLTX1 f120 CM606
DLTX2 f120 CM606
DLTX3 f120 CM606
DLTX5 ck0606 f112 CM606
DLTX6 ck0606 f112 CM606
DLTX7 ck0606 f112 CM606
DLTX8 ck0606 f112 CM606
DLTX10 ck0606 ck6762 f112 CM606
DLTX11 ck0606 f112 CM606
DLTX12 ck0606 f112 CM606
DLTX13 ck0606 f112 CM606
DLTX15 ck0606 ck0676 f112 CM606
DLTX16 ck0606 ck0676 f112 CM606
DLTX17 ck0606 f112 CM606
DLTX18 ck0606 ck0676 f112 CM606
DLTX19 ck0606 ck0676 f112 CM606
DLTX24 ck0606 ck0676 f112 CM606
DLTX26 ck0671 f097 CM606
DLTX31 ck0606 f112 CM606
DLTX33 ck0606 ck0676 f112 CM606
DLTX34 ck0606 ck6761 f112 CM606
DLTX39 ck0606 f112 CM606
DLTX41 ck0606 ck0676 f112 CM606
DLTX46 ck0671 f097 CM606
DLTX51 ck0606 ck0676 f112 CM606
DLTX53 ck0606 ck0676 f112 CM606
DLTX63 ck0606 ck0676 f112 CM606
DLTX67 ck0606 ck6781 f115 CM606
DLTX71 ck0606 ck6781 f115 CM606
DLTX72 ck0606 ck6781 f115 CM606
DLTX73 ck0606 ck6781 f115 CM606
DLTX75 ck0695 ck0677 f131 CM606
DLTX81 ck0695 ck0697 f131 CM606
DLTX82 ck0695 ck0697 f131 CM606
DLTX83 ck0695 ck0697 f131 CM606
DLTX84 ck0695 ck0697 f131 CM606
DLTX85 ck0695 ck0697 f131 CM606
DLTX86 ck0695 ck0677 f131 CM606
DLTX94 ck0695 ck0697 f131 CM606
DLTX95 ck0695 ck0697 f131 CM606
DLTX96 ck0695 ck0677 f131 CM606
DLTX97 ck0695 ck0697 f131 CM606
DLTX98 ck0695 ck0697 f131 CM606
DLTX99 ck0695 ck0677 f131 CM606
DLTX101 ck0695 f131 CM606
DLTX102 ck0695 f131 CM606
DLTX105 ck0695 f131 CM606
DLTX106 ck0695 ck0697 f131 CM606
DLTX107U ck0606 f112 CM606
DLTX108U ck0606 f112 CM606
DLTX109UA ck0697 CM606
TRX12 ck6000 CM6000
TRX15 ck6001 CM6000
TRX19 ck6001 CM6000
TRX22 ck6000 CM6000
TRX27 ck6000 CM6000
TRX28 ck6000 CM6000
TRX29 ck6000 CM6000
TRX30 ck6000 CM6000
TRX31 ck6000 CM6000
TRX36 ck6000 CM6000
TRX49 ck6000 CM6000

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