Marvel-Schebler TSX Carburetor Numbers

Marvel-Schebler TSX Parts - Numerical Index

Marvel-Schebler TSX carburetors have the carburetor number on a tag, stamped into the body, or sometimes cast into the float bowl. In some cases, there is no carb number on the unit.

TSX Tag Number Example - 3 Line Tag


Many Marvel-Schebler tags have three lines. In this example, the first line is the carb model - TSX.

The second line is the build date, 9th month of 1957, so September, 1957.

The third line is the carb number, 241B. When looking for parts, refer to TSX241B in this example.

TSX Tag Number Example - 2 Line Tag


Some tags have a number in line with the model. In this case, the carb number is TSX905SL with a build date of June, 1972.

How to find a TSX carb kit without a carb number

If you have a TSX carb with no numbers, you can still get a standard kit and float, since the kits are grouped by the three sizes of float bowl.

Distance (center to center) between screws, lengthwise Kit Float
3-1/16" CK608 F60
3-7/16" CK608 F61
3-9/16" CK609 F96


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