Zenith Carb KITS

Carb Doctor has US-made rebuild kits, floats and parts for American Zenith carburetors. We stock genuine Zenith parts for most models and premium quality US-made parts for older applications.

Three decades of carb rebuilding has taught us a few things. When selecting a carb kit, you should look for:

  1. Quality: Reputable, US-made parts are the way to go for fit and durability. Our kits are either Zenith originals, US-made aftermarket or assembled by ourselves from specially made domestic parts.
  2. Ethanol resistance: Rubber parts should all be Viton. This is where knock-off parts really fall apart, literally. Premium Viton is the way we go.
  3. Correct fit: We've been in the business for three decades and have our own carb kit database built from factory service information, so we know which parts fit your application.

Zenith carb number tag on a model 161 carburetorHow to find your Zenith carb kit

Zenith carburetors built from 1932 to about 1980 have a round aluminum or brass tag about the size of a dime riveted to the top of the carburetor. The inside number is the Zenith assembly number (carb number) and the outer one is the OEM number. Later carbs sometimes have a stamped number, usually on the top part of the carb, or in many cases, an aluminum tag.

The carburetor in the picture has a carburetor number of 10457. The outer number is the OEM number and is L48F in this case. Yes, these can be hard to read at times!

Enter the carburetor number in the search box at the top of any page on our site, or check the  Zenith carburetor numerical listing for the carb number to find the kit. Or call us toll free at1-888-664-6462 or email us any time.


Zenith carburetor kits

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